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About this course

  • YouTube-cert Not surprisingly, people are turning to YouTube more and more to WATCH the Internet versus READING it. Learning how to become visible in the world's largest video platform can bring with it countless leads for your business. Splash Media U focuses on proven methods to do just that.
    • • Over 100 lessons
    • • Average lesson length of 5 minutes
    • • Online quizzes
    • • Homework assignments
    • • Final exams
    • • Certificate* from Splash Media U
    • • Dedicated instructor/coaches to help guide you through the program

    * Must achieve 80% or higher on final exam

  • Navigate and utilize the world's largest video platform. Learn how to master YouTube as a marketing tool, including how to set up a business channel, customize your environment, generate views, build community, share video across the other social channels. At the end of the YouTube course, students should be able to:
    • • Apply the Tactical Wheel to YouTube.
    • • Properly set up a YouTube channel.
    • • Describe each section of YouTube and its purpose for business.
    • • Listen on YouTube.
    • • Use YouTube Search.
    • • Apply best practices for building community by gaining channel subscribers.
    • • Implement effective methods for broadcasting on YouTube.
    • • Properly respond to comments.
    • • Effectively promote videos on other social sites.
    • • Plan and implement a content strategy for YouTube videos.
    • • Describe different types of effective video content.
    • • Generate leads and sales using YouTube.
    • • Develop effective calls-to-action.
    • • Apply best practices for YouTube Ads.
    • • Interpret YouTube metrics and analytics.
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